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Fic Master List

Per a couple of requests, below is a Master Fic List of my fics.
The links will take you to DW, AO3, and/or LJ

This post is a WIP - Note that these are not listed in any kind of order that will make sense to anyone but me. :)

Drabbles (-1,000 words)

Trouble Is
Hotel rooms may be stale and impersonal, but they provide an element of escape - behind the heavy white doors, the real world can so easily fall away; consequences so easily forgotten.
PG-13 | Mild Angst | Kris/Adam | 534 words | Idol Tour | Warning: Infidelity

Aqua Goop
Kris helps Adam do his hair.
PG | Schmoop | Kris/Adam | 550 words | Idol Show | Warning: One of the first things I wrote in this fandom. It's pretty bad.

Four Unrelated Drabbles
G, PG, R, G | Romance, Schmoop, Jealous!Kris, Schmoop | Kris/Adam, Adam/OMC | All Four -500 words | Established!Kradam, Domestic!Kradam, UST!Kradam, Daddy!Kradam

Three Unrelated Drabbles
PG, NC-17, PG-13 | Friendship, Sex, Schmoop | Kris/Adam | 856 words, 1,140 words, 944 words | Idol Show, Idol Tour, Future (Established)

Two Unrelated Drabbles
NC-17, NC-17 | Sex, Shotgunning & Sex | Kris/Adam | 1,017 words, 784 words | Idol Show/Post-Idol, Post-Idol (Established) | Warning: Drug Use

h/c Bingo Card Drabble: Fear of Heights
PG | Angst, h/c | Kris/Adam (Friendship) | 808 words | Idol Show | Warning: Possible Trigger: Acrophobia

h/c Bingo Card Drabble: Wild Card
R | Heavy Angst, h/c | Kris/Adam (Established) | 631 words | AU (Domestic) | Warning: Domestic Violence (off page)

Two Unrelated Drabbles
R, PG | Schmoop, Romance | Kris/Adam | 792 words, 785 words | Future (UST), AU (High School) | Warning: Drug Use (Drabble One)

Sixteen Seconds (I'm Happy Just To Dance With You)
Adam has an obsession with Kris's hands.
PG-13 | Angst | Kris/Adam (UST) | 512 words | Idol Show, Idol Tour

Run For Your Life (It's All Too Much)
Companion piece to the above drabble.
PG-13 | Schmoop | Kris/Adam (Established) | 329 words | Idol Tour | Warning: Implied Infidelity

And Your Bird Can Sing
Adam knows how to make Kris scream.
NC-17 | Sex | Kris/Adam (Established) | 883 words | Future (Domestic)

One-off (non-series) Fic

No One Is Really Beautiful
Kris becomes an accidental prostitute; Adam is not there to save him.
NC-17 | Angst | Kris/Adam | 1,579 words | AU | Warnings: Prostitution; dubious consent and violence (off page)

The Man Comes Around
Adam has pushed his body (and soul) to the limit in a quest to pursue his dream. Forced to take a break, he finds himself on a secluded ranch, light years from the life he’s grown so accustomed to. Horses were never his thing, but he has a soft spot for cute boys, and he’s determined to unravel the mystery surrounding the adorable but troubled ranch hand who teaches Adam to ride.
R | Drama, Romance, h/c | Kris/Adam | 19,300 words | Cowboy!AU | Warning: Mentions of past abuse; Animal injury

525,600 Minutes (How About Love)
One year apart may be just what they need to save their failing marriage.
PG-13 | Angst | Kris/Adam | 3,150 words | Future!AU | (Temporary) Break-Up

Waiting For The Hint of a Spark
Adam closes his eyes, and tries to imagine his life without Kris. He can’t. Their lives are woven together intricately, in so many ways. If he were to lose Kris, he isn’t sure that he would ever be the same.
R | Angst, Drama, h/c | Kris/Adam | 9,600 words | Future!AU | Warning: Life-Threatening Illness

Not Like The Movies (Now with a Sequel!)
Kris doesn't think he really has a chance with the most popular boy in school.
PG | Romance, Angst, Schmoop | Kris/Adam | 3,934 words | High School AU

Two strangers met on a bridge, under the rain, in a foreign city. Both are heartbroken, both are damaged. They went away to forget their lives, to find a safe place to lick their wounds and get better. Finding another love was never in the plan.
R | Drama, Romance, Mild Angst | Kris/Adam | 5,300 words | AU

In My Life
A moment of respite in a never-ending war.
R | Angst, Drama, Romance | Kris/Adam | 3,300 words | AU | Apocalyptic setting, severe injury, mentions of violence

June Hymn
Adam finally figures out what he wants, but Kris has someone new.
R | Drama, Comedy, Romance | Kris/Adam, Kris/OMC | 2,500 words | Future

Are You Being Served? (Candy Hearts) (DW Link)
Based on the prompt: Kris is stood up on Valentine's Day and is left sitting alone at his table in a fancy restaurant, feeling hurt and foolish and surrounded by schmoopy couples. Adam is his waiter.
PG | Romance | Kris/Adam, Kris/OMC | 1,076 words | AU

Fall Into The Glitter
Based on this prompt: Best friends Kris and Adam grew up together. Explore Kris’ feelings during Adam’s transformation from chubby freckled redhead to gorgeous club god as they both transition from high school to college life.
PG-13 | Mild Angst, Romance | Kris/Adam, Adam/Brad | 3,668 words | College AU

Gotta Be Good
Adam kisses someone under the mistletoe; Kris is not amused.
PG | Schmoop, Mild Angst | Kris/Adam | 1,243 words | Future (Established)

Let Me Down Easy
Why. Kris has a thousand reasons why, but he’s not sure he can articulate them all at this moment.
PG | Fluff, Angst | Kris/Adam | 1,520 words | College AU

You Took My Heart
A Fallen Angel sets out to help Kris find his happiness...and fails spectacularly.
R | Angst, h/c | Kris/Adam | 6,000 words | AU | (Temporary) Major character death, heavy angst, suicidal thoughts, depression, and angels.

We Are The Champions
Adam's new friend has a dark secret.
PG-13 | Angst, h/c | Kris, Adam | 5,587 words | High School AU | Child Abuse (Emotional); Character death (secondary, off-page); Heavy angst.

An Almighty Thud
Adam discovers that Kris hasn't told him everything after all. (For the London square on my Kradingo card)
PG-13 | Angst | Kris/Adam | 2,317 words | Future | Mentions of infidelity

Is That An American Idol In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?
Kris shrinks to pocket-sized. Literally.
PG | Crackfic | Kris/Adam (gen) | 1,140 words | AU, AI Tour

Poker Face
Private School Student!Kris meets new Teacher!Adam.
NC-17 | PWP | Kris/Adam | 2,024 words | AU (High School) | Mild D/s themes

The Summer Wind (LJ link)
HS AU in which Kris is a lifeguard, and Adam is a boy with a crush on a lifeguard.
PG-13 | Mild Angst, Schmoop | Kris/Adam | 3,967 words | AU (High School) | Possible trigger: drowning.

Play Your Symphony (LJ link)
HS AU (unrelated to the above story) in which Kris is stuck in a rut until the new kid from California moves into town.
PG | Romance, Mild Angst | Kris/Adam | 4,370 words | AU (High School) | Written for the Summer Heat Wave Challenge at kradam_ai.

To See Your Face
Adam shaves off Kris's beard.
PG-13 | Fluff | Kris/Adam | 1,438 words | Future (General) | Written for kradam_kiss

Third Wheel
Living with Adam after his divorce, Kris feels right at home, until the New Guy enters the picture.
PG-13 | Mild Angst, Drama | Kris/Adam, Adam/OMC | 1,744 words | Future (Domestic, General) | Written for kradam_kiss

It Don't Mean a Thing Tonight
Domestic!Kradam fight over silly somethings. Snuggly ending.
PG-13 | Angst, Drama | Kris/Adam | 2,110 words | Mentions of drug use | Future (Domestic) | Written for kradam_kiss

Bohemian Like You
AU based off of this prompt: Kris and Adam have been focused on their careers, and they aren't as close as they once were. Adam is touring in Europe. Kris is writing in Europe. They stumble upon each other - at a cafe? A museum? A park? Sparks fly; kisses happen. Romance in romantic places.
PG-13 | Mild Angst, Romance | Kris/Adam | 4,965 words | Future (General, AU) | Written for kradam_kiss

You Owe Me Some Kind Of Love
Domestic!Kradam in which Adam lets the little things get to him.
PG | Schmoop, Mild Angst | Kris/Adam | 1,662 words | Future (Domestic) | Written for kradam_kiss

Our Pride Is Out The Door (LJ link)
Over-used idea in which Kradam have a falling out, then have to pretend to date for PR reasons.
R | Drama, Angst, Romance | Kris/Adam, mentions of Kris/other and Adam/other | 3,280 words | AU (General)

Puppy Love
Adam wants to cheer Kris up.
PG | Saccharine Schmoop | Kris/Adam | Future (General) | 935 words

In Hindsight
Kris Allen had never really been one to notice things until they were right there, staring him in the face.
PG | Angst | Kris/Katy, mentions of Kris/Adam | 1,332 words | AU (General) | Warning: Infidelity

Eine kleine Nachtmusik (A Little Night Music)
Valentine's Fic Fest entry based on this prompt: AU. Kradam are in a relationship (or married, your choice) but really poor and living together in a crappy apartment. Adam tries to plan the best Valentine’s Day surprise he can for Kris with what little money they have.
PG | Romance, Schmoop | Kris/Adam | 2,666 words | AU (General)

Please Come Home For Christmas
A Christmas-themed fic. Sigh.
PG | Schmoop, Mild Angst, Holiday | Kris/Adam | 1,405 words | Future (Domestic) | Warning: Super Cheesy

Spectacular, Spectacular (LJ Post)
Kradam: The Musical (Loosely based on Moulin Rouge!)
Hard R | Romance, Angst, Musical | Kris/Adam, Megan/Anoop, Adam/Simon (off page, and sorry) | 15,669 words | AU (Movie) | Warning: It's a fucking Musical. Also; some drug use.

Series Fic (Completed)

If I Can't Have You (I'll Have Whoever I Want)
Adam is in the "Friendship Zone" with Kris. Until he isn't.
NC-17 | Romance, Mild Angst, Sex | Kris/Adam, Kris/OMC, Adam/OMC | 4,350 words | AU (AU) | Warnings: Voyerism, Rough Sex, Schmoop

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Send Me All Your Angels
The aftermath of a violent hotel room attack.
NC-17 | Angst, h/c, Drama | Kris/Adam, Kris/OMC | 8,988 words | AU (AU) | Warnings: Violence, Trigger: PTSD, Sexual Assault (implied)

Parts I-IV (On DW) | On LJ: Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Epilogue | Just Breathe (Father's Day Drabble)

Rewrite Our Story Tonight
Kris looked down at his worn t shirt, ragged jeans and plain sneakers, and it occurred to him that maybe he had no right to be here. He had no right to want anything from this glamorous, fantastical creature anymore.
PG-13 | Angst, h/c | Kris/Adam | 1,676 words | Future (General)

Our Souls Will Be Okay
Sequel to Rewrite Our Story Tonight
PG-13 | Angst, h/c | Kris/Adam | 1,155 words | Future (General)

The Whole Shebang
The car pulls off of the freeway, and winds its way toward the hospital, and all Kris can think is that this is so typical of Adam. Always the drama queen, Adam can’t just go home and sulk like a normal person. No. He has to drive his damn car into a mountain.
R | Angst, h/c, Schmoop | Kris/Adam, Kris/Katy | AU (Future)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

We Suck Young Blood (Your Time Is Up) & Go To Sleep (Little Man Being Erased)
Vampire!Kradam fic. Adam finds his soulmate in contemporary LA.
NC-17 | Angst, Drama | Kris/Adam | 5,738 words | AU (AU) | Warnings: Dubious Consent, Bloodplay, Rough Sex, Violence (Murder)

Series Fic (Incomplete)

(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave
Kris discovers a new kind of music called Rock & Roll; Adam discovers Kris.
PG-13 | Romance | Kris/Adam | 2,600 words | AU (AU) | Warning: Period piece (1950's)

Someone To Watch Over Me
FBI!Kris has to protect Federal Witness!Adam from guys with guns.
PG-13 | Action, Angst, h/c | Kris/Adam | AU (AU) | Warnings: Gun Violence, Minor Character Death

Prologue + Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three

From My Own True Love (Lost At Sea)
A very bad Titanic AU
PG-13 | Angst, Drama, Romance | Kris/Adam | AU (Movie) | Warnings: Not at all like the movie, except for the fact that the boat sinks. Also: Will probably never be finished.


All of the podfics listed below were read by the lovely and talented diane_mckay:

Gotta Be Good | PG | Length: 9:24 min | Size: 8.7mb

An Almighty Thud | PG-13 | Length: 16:02 min | Size: 14.7mb

Third Wheel | PG-13 | Length: 11:28 min | Size: 10.6mb